• I started this blog to display class information and projects in my endeavors at Mesa Community College in Arizona. I am pursuing an Associates in Photography, and plan a transfer to ASU. We’ll see.

    Please enjoy and comment on my creations.

    The soul of criticism is the heart of creative growth.

Vector Image

Here is my attempt at vector art. I have tried with an image of my wife. Here is the original. Here is the Vector Image: The eye is kinda freaky. I need to work on it some more. Advertisements


For some reason I forgot to finishing post this the other night. I took one of the photos in the optional images and restored it. Here it is before and after.

Text Art

Well I was sick the last week and half. So I didn’t really feel like doing much. I’m back and here is my attempts at text art.

Senior Cards

Here are my senior cards.

Silhouette project

Okay so here it is. I took the image of a sunset, a hawk in flight, and a hot air balloon. The sunset is the background (obviously). I used the quick selection tool to select most of the balloon. Then I used the lasso tool to add and subtract areas from the selection. I ctrl + … Continue reading

Okay so I am going to get on my horse here…

Anyone having photo restoration experience should help out at Operation Photo Rescue. http://www.operationphotorescue.org/ This organization helps people of disasters by restoring photographs. The group helps people who can’t afford to pay for restoration on their own. If you have looked into restoration, you know it can be very expensive. OPR is in desperate need of volunteers … Continue reading

Color Creativity

I am way late on this post. Here is my attempt. I took a white rose and colored all the petals. Then I added a stem and used warp in free transform for the curve and thicker base. I used the clone stamp to stamp some new roots over the base to try for a … Continue reading


Here is the watertoy changes I made. I used the color replacement tool in hue and color modes. I didn’t change the color of all the water toys to maintain some variety. I used the crop tool to trim the white edges and straighten the image. I don’t think I am going to post the book … Continue reading

Self Portrait Remake

By inspiration from my wife and several other people. I have remade this self-portrait. I hope is meets the expectations of mystery and suspense it seems to inspire.

Self Portrait

Okay here is my attempt. I saw some very good self portraits on other blogs in the class. Here is the layers panel. So here are four of the five images used. I can’t remember where the fifth one is located.   Very briefly, here are the steps I used to complete this image. The wood … Continue reading